Racetech Seat 4200 Wide & Tall size

SKU: RT4200WTHR-110

With increased rib support and enhanced head restraint foaming, the new RT4200 Series utilizes the widely-respected RT4100 shell geometry but makes improvements in the areas of comfort and safety. The RT4200 is closer in feel through the rib and torso area to our retired RT4009HR Series. Racetech signature features such as back-mounting, pronounced thigh support, a molded base cushion, parallel sides, and flush bosses for ease of mounting are all present, making this seat series hard to beat. Like all Racetech seats, these lightweight, resin-infused shells are crafted in Wellington, New Zealand. The RT4200 series comprises three sizes all with FIA 8855-1999 approval. For larger drivers, the RT4200THR is 60mm taller and the RT4200WTHR is both 60mm taller and 40mm wider. The 4200 Series seats use Racetech RTB1009M aluminum or RTB2009S steel side mount brackets.

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Common Applications From clubsport to national-level circuit and rally
Stock Color / Material
Gel-coat Gloss black
Seat Cover Black fire-retardant nylon fabric with Spacer mesh in the shoulders
Wear Patches Spacer
FIA Homologation FIA 8855-1999 (using the applicable RT4100HR/WTHR seat shell)
Shell Construction Fiberglass Composite
Shell Weight From 6.1kg (13.5lbs)
Sizes HR - Standard
THR - Tall
WTHR - Wide & Tall
Head Restraint Integrated head restraint
HANS Compatible Yes
Harness Compatibility Up to 6-point harness
Large Harness Guides Yes
Air Ducting N/A
Back-mount Compatible Yes
Back-mount Required for FIA Homologation No
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