The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Socks

The people who lived in caves warmed themselves with animal skins. Egyptians and Romans wore wool socks. Silk stockings were a status symbol in the Middle Ages. It was innovations in knitting techniques, not specifically in sewing machines, that led to the production of socks with patterns, lengths, colors, and fabrics that were more accessible to the general public. Let us talk about modern types of socks and how to choose the perfect pair for your next race.

Types of Socks

It does seem like a regular topic, but there’s more to it. We will discuss everything you need to know about the different types of socks in detail.

No Shoe Socks

Sometimes referred to as liner socks, no-show socks are an absolute winner when it comes to not wanting to ruin your outfit. Whether you prefer the sockless look or you just can’t find the right colour pair to match with your shoes, no-show socks are excellent for protecting your feet and keeping you comfortable without any mis-matched materials peeking through. Why not pick up a pair of our favourite no-show socks to wear with low sneakers?

Crew & Trouser Socks

Crew socks are medium-length socks that often reach a few inches over the ankle and just below the calf. Crew socks are useful for jogging, basketball, and tennis, among other sports. They are comfortable in a range of climates and offer ankle and calf support. But in hot weather, they could be excessively warm for intense workouts. On the other hand, trouser socks are slightly longer than crew socks. They will both rest about mid-calf.

Racing Socks

Nomex®, which resists fire, is used to make racing socks. When you are driving for a long period of time, you must wear a head sock for racing (balaclava) and breathable racing socks on your feet, as the ergonomic designs reduce stress and blisters without making you feel constrained.

Runners don’t typically wear racing socks with spikesduring races; they can be used in other sports, such as cycling races. In certain situations, such as cross-country running, runners may choose to wear thin socks with special spikes.

  • The Black Alpinestars Race V4 Socks are designed for drivers in the professional ranks. They have flat
  • seams for comfort and heat protection, and they meet FIA standards. They are flexible and made of fire-resistant Nomex® material, which prevents heat, relieves pressure points, and resists wear and rips.
  • The FIA-approved Alpinestars Race V4 Socks in white provide superior heat protection and have flat seams for comfort. As the socks are made of fire-resistant Nomex® material, they are flexible and prevent rips and abrasions.

Ankle Socks

Short socks that cover just the ankle joint are called "no-show" socks, and they work best with low-cut shoes, outdoor activities in warm weather, and low-impact sports like golf and cycling. They provide less ankle support than crew socks, but they are cooler, breathable, and less likely to cause blisters.

Knee-High Socks

In outdoor sports, knee-high socks—which reach just below the knee—are frequently used to cover the lower legs and keep shin guards in place. They are available in crew and ankle lengths. They are great for post-exercise recovery to avoid blood pooling and for high-leg-stride sports like basketball and jogging. They promote improved blood flow, lessened muscular soreness, and accelerated healing; nevertheless, they can feel tight and may not be suitable for everyone.

Athletic Socks

They come in a wide range of lengths and styles, but are often composed of a thicker material than the regular sock. Additionally, they are a little more durable to withstand the rigors and strains of an active lifestyle. During a lengthy run, cycle, or gym session, you can wear athletic socks that reach your ankles. They are also suitable for people who love to roam around the woods or go on hikes.

Tips for Choosing Socks for Sports

We have talked about the kinds of socks you should stock up on. The four suggestions listed below will help you locate the perfect socks if you are looking for knee-high socks for soccer or performance running socks for competitive runs.


You can only choose the appropriate type of socks if you understand why you personally need a pair of them. Trousers socks are excellent for casual or business use, just as athletic socks are ideal for sports.


How long should you go? You have a selection of trouser lengths. What if, however, you prefer to work out in shorts? What happens if you are at risk of overheating and find it uncomfortable to have socks sticking up your calves? Although length is a very personal preference, it is something to be considered.


Cotton socks will trap moisture and create blisters because most sports cause your feet to sweat more than usual. Pure wool socks retain moisture as well; therefore, athletes should stay away from them. Go for socks composed of materials that allow for greater breathability, including merino wool, nylon, or acrylic.

Sock Height

You must choose the appropriate sock height. Choose crew socks for shoes with high tops. If you play winter sports, think about wearing knee- or calf-high socks for added warmth and safety. When playing football or soccer, use longer socks to protect your legs when you slide on or secure your shin guards.

Sock Thickness

Thinner socks are significantly less noticeable and offer better breathability. On the other hand, thicker socks will provide greater comfort and protection. Consequently, for short-duration activities like fast sprints, you should probably wear thinner socks, and for longer-duration sports, you should wear thicker socks. Wear thinner socks, though, when cycling or doing any other sport that requires extra-tight shoes.

Moisture-Wicking And Anti-Blister Features

Pick more breathable materials instead of cotton. Merino wool and synthetic fiber socks work well at wicking away moisture. Double layer socks additionally feature an exterior and interior sock that draw moisture away from your feet. Additionally, its design helps keep your skin from overheating and sweating excessively while you play your favorite sport.

Types of Fabric to Look for in Sports Socks

Seek out materials that can both absorb moisture and provide the proper amount of cushioning for your feet.


Generally speaking, wool is one of the best—and priciest—materials for socks. Since wool is composed of odour-resistant, breathable, soft, and non-itchy fibers, it works well for socks.

Merino Wool

Merino wool has significantly finer fibers and it is softer and more comfortable to wear next to the skin. In cold weather, it keeps feet warm, and in hot weather, its breathability stops them from overheating

Acrylic & Nylon

These socks are made of well-built, long-lasting, cushioned synthetic fibers that have been blended together.


Cotton alone is not a good material for a sports sock, but it may be made durable by blending it with other materials

Compression Substances

The elastic materials used to make these socks gently press against the legs and feet enhance blood flow, lessen swelling, and ease the pain that comes with standing or sitting for longer durations.

Guidelines for Selecting Sports Socks

If you play football in a hot climate, you should search for socks that offer quick drying, sweat absorption, and durability. You may skate in icy weather with dry, warm feet if you use a thick woolen material. Consider the following factors when selecting sports socks:

  • Cushioning
  • Temperature regulation
  • Compression
  • Slipping
  • Moisture wicking
  • Odor control

What Kind of Sock Is Good for You?

A wardrobe must have socks. Try a variety of brands, styles, and materials to find the right pair. We are pleased to provide athletes with our Alpinestars Race V4 black and white socks at Westwood Racing Supplies. These socks are designed to reduce rubbing, prevent blisters, and keep your feet dry by absorbing moisture. Since we are so sure of the superior quality of our socks, we promise to offer comfort, flat seams, and heat protection. Our racing socks are ideal for most sports and come in various lengths. Discover your new favorite pair of sports socks by browsing the entire collection today for the best possible elasticity and comfort. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.