Best Auto Racing Suits Under $1,000

It's right—racing may be quite an expensive activity. This makes us wonder, what are the best racing suits available for less than $1,000? Although other high-end alternatives for professionals are available, we concentrated on more affordable options. This guide is specifically made for you, regardless of whether this is your first time or you want to upgrade! Westwood Racing Supplies is the place to go for everything related to racing. These are our top 5 cheap racing suits that we found for you after a thorough search across the marketplace.

Best Racing Suits Under $1000

It goes beyond simply being an article of clothing for racers;racing suits are necessities. This is a carefully picked collection of the best racing suits, so you may select the right one for you.

Alpinestars GP RACE V2 Racing Suit—Red/Black

Price: $929.95

The GP Race v2 suit is for drivers who thrive in competition. It complies with FIA Standard 8856-2018 and offers better comfort and safety with 3 layers of fabric. At just 400g/sqm, the suit is very light and boosts breathability by 5%. In order to maximize comfort, stretch panels are used in places such as the armholes, lower back, and crotch. The additional features include a floating arm, extended shoulders, and an internal flat seam. The structure of this suit minimizes friction while driving, and its shoulder epaulette design aids in driver rescue in the case of an accident.

  • Back, waist, and crotch aramidic knit stretch panels.
  • The soft knit collar lining offers better ease of wear and coverage.
  • The aramidic material used in the exterior layer provides heat resistance.
  • Anatomical paneling for the right driving position.
  • A belted waist and neck adjustment for a personalized fit.
  • Ribbed foot and wrist cuffs for ease of movement.
  • A high-quality YKK zipper for a unique fit.
  • Thigh pockets for storage.
  • Packed with a laundry bag to preserve the fibers.
  • This suit weighs 400 g/sqm, and is certified to FIA 8856-2018 and SFI 3-4 A/5 standards.

Ladies—Stella GP Pro Comp Racing Suit Bootcut Cobalt Blue White Coral

Price: $599.50

The Stella GP Pro Comp is a racing driver suit that is specifically made for women and has been approved to satisfy FIA and SFI homologation requirements. The lining is made of three layers for protection and light weight, and it is breathable for comfort. Pre-curved arms and legs, as well as carefully placed stretch panels, provide this custom racing suit with exceptional flexibility and ease of use. The arm cuffs keep everything in place, while the soft, ribbed knit collar and flat shoulder seams add extra comfort.

  • The FIA 8856-2000 homologation standard is certified.
  • Meets SFI (SFI:3.2A/5) requirements.
  • 100% aramidic outer shell material.
  • High resistance to heat and flames.
  • A tall, ribbed collar for better coverage.
  • A belted waist, anatomical female torso with patterned arm, leg paneling, and adjustable collar ensure a perfect fit.
  • Stretchable wrist cuffs with ribs.
  • High-quality YKK double-slider zipper for a personalized fit.
  • Thigh pockets for discreet and easy access to storage.
  • It comes packaged in a laundry bag for ease of use and fiber preservation.
  • 305 g/sqm in weight.

GP Pro Comp Racing Suit Bootcut Black Orange Fluorescent

Price: $599.90

The fact that the GP Pro Comp suit meets all FIA and SFI regulations makes it a safe and reliable choice for racers. It feels lightweight yet offers safety due to its three-layer design. The breathable lining ensures the driver's comfort. Pre-curved arms and legs as well as stretch panels in key areas like the crotch, waist, and underarms allow for maximum mobility. Arm cuffs keep everything in place, which helps prevent fabric from curling up. This well-constructed driver racing suit also has a comfortable, ribbed knit neck and flat shoulder seams.

  • A three-layer design that is lightweight.
  • Breathable panels are made of flexible knit fabric.
  • The floating arm structure of Alpinestars minimizes resistance.
  • Epaulette on the shoulder for easy rescue in an accident.
  • Stretchable wrist cuffs with ribs.
  • Leg boot trimmed for convenience when driving.
  • Certified to SFI (SFI:3.2A/5) and FIA 8856-2000 standards.
  • Double slider zipper from YKK for a unique fit.
  • Thigh pockets provide easy access to storage.
  • A tall collar with ribs to provide enhanced coverage.
  • The exterior shell is 100% aramidic for heat resistance.
  • A belted waist and adjustable collar to provide a perfect fit.
  • It comes packaged in a washing bag for ease of use and fiber preservation.
  • 305 g/sqm in weight.

Alpinestars Vapor Racing Suit Bootcut—Black or Gray

Price: $589.95

Aramid material makes up the Vapour suit's new outer layer. Among its three layers are a fire-resistant cotton twill and feltro padding for driver safety. The stretch areas in the crotch, waist, and underarms allow drivers to move more freely and comfortably while driving a vehicle. It has extra stretch panels for a snug fit, pre-curved arms and legs, and a 3/4 stretchy arm design. Drivers feel at ease with the exterior and interior, which are composed of cotton twill that resists fire. The custom racing suit also has a boot cut leg and an inner knitted elasticated cuff for added protection.

  • Arms and legs with anatomical curves.
  • Better breathability with a 3D mesh lining.
  • Comfortable, knitted collar with an ergonomic design.
  • Ankle and wrist cuffs with ribs for comfort and lighter weight.
  • Superior quality two-sided metal zipper for an adjustable fit.
  • Front pockets for convenient carrying.
  • SFI 3.2/5 homologation standard certification.
  • An extraction handle for driver rescue in the event of a crash, inspired by Formula 1.
  • Aramid Modacrylic Assembly, a new three-layer design, is lightweight, and fire resistant.
  • The back, waist, and crotch of the garment have stretch panels made of aramidic knitting.

Knoxville V2 Racing Suit, Anthracite/Red

Price: $449.95

TheKnoxville v2 Suit is made up of three layers and is designed to keep drivers safe. The exterior layer is composed of cotton that resists fire, while the inner layer is padded for added protection. Key fitting areas, including the waist, underarms, and crotch, have elastic strips added to ensure a proper fit. Its features include 3/4 stretchy arms, pre-curved arms and legs, and panels for a better fit. The leg is boot cut in shape and includes an internal knit cuff for extra safety.

  • Aramidic knit fabric arm structure reduces friction during driving.
  • Suit with multiple layers for durability and breathability.
  • Aramidic knit stretch panels for ease of movement.
  • Extended coverage with a soft knitted lining and an ergonomic collar.
  • High heat and flame protection due to a 100% fire-resistant fabric.
  • Drivers can be easily rescued in case of an accident by the shoulder epaulette design.
  • Stretchable, ribbed foot and wrist restraints.
  • High-quality, double-slidered metal zipper for a personalized fit.
  • Thigh pockets provide easy access to storage.
  • Panels with anatomical arm, leg, and torso patterns are designed to fit the driver.
  • 550 g/sqm in weight.
  • SFI 3-2 A/5 standards are compliance certified.

Considerations for Purchasing Racing Suits:

You can be confident that Westwood Racing Supplies will help you find the perfect racing outfit and answer whatever inquiries you may have. You should keep in mind the following considerations while making a purchase for thebest racing suits.


Compare the features and costs of different designs and brands. Although there can be affordable options, durability requires high-quality materials.


There are safety requirements specific to each racing category. Make sure the suit you have chosen is approved for your series and satisfies safety requirements to protect you in situations of accidents.


Suits are made of a variety of materials. Westwood Racing Supplies offers choices to suit your requirements and price range. We help you choose a material that is safe, breathable, and most importantly, comfortable.


Comfort and safety are two reasons why a suit needs to fit properly. Allow us to assist you in finding a suit that fits like a glove, providing protection, and facilitating mobility.

Brand Reputation

Check the brand's history and client testimonials to determine the quality and reliability of their products. Choose companies that are renowned for using high-quality products and following ethical manufacturing procedures.

The best car racing suits under $1000 that vary in price, features, and appearance are featured in this blog. There is something for everyone, regardless of needs or budget. Choose some high-quality yet cheap racing suits and enjoy a better racing experience in your upcoming racing sport.

Find the best auto racing suits in Los Angeles, USA, that are suitable for you by visiting our website. Visit our store in person or take a look around online to see what makes Westwood Racing Supplies stand out.